Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Cosmic Chemistry of Life

(c) Copyright R. E. Morel 2009 All rights reserved

Quiz answer: This is a road map of just some of the interrelated biochemical reactions going on in all living things, you included, right now.

Somehow, over billions of years, the cosmos produced on our planet, and probably on many others, an elegant chemical symphony that is the basis of our existence. And that "somehow" is an extension of our universal cosmic theme.
Each of the hundreds of chemical reactions in the road map represents an event, and events disperse energy. In less than one tick of a clock, trillions upon trillions of these events occur in each cell. So, we find that life at the chemical level represents exactly the same theme as star formation and candle flames, matter and energy organizing in ways that enhance the dispersal of energy.

But how does this staggering array of chemical dynamics fit into the world of the cell, the fundamental microscopic cathedral of life? That's next.

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